We often get questions about our fries and dipping sauces. Here are the answers to your frequently asked questions:

Are any of your menu items vegan?

All of our fries are vegan, and we offer many dipping sauces that are vegan (our fries are cooked in 100% pure corn oil). Ask your server which dipping sauces are vegan.

Is your food gluten-free?

Yes. All of our fries are gluten free. And the vast majority of our dipping sauces are gluten-free, too (except for a couple of exceptions). Please ask your server for more information.


What peanut oil do you use to cook?

None of our menu items or oil contain any peanut extracts. Our baked fries are cooked with no oil. They’re baked using cooking spray.


Are your potatoes fresh?

We buy our potatoes fresh the morning of each event from a local farmer’s market. None of our fries are frozen.


How long does it take to get my order of fries?

All fry orders are cooked to order to ensure that they’re hot, fresh and of the highest quality. Generally, it takes 3-5 minutes.


Are your fries salted?

Yes, we sprinkle the fries with salt. But we also offer a salt shaker on the counter for customers who prefer added salt. We also offer a homemade fry seasoning, which has a little kick (be sure to try it!).


Do you offer anything but fries?

We occasionally offer other menu items such as fried corn-on-the-cob and corn dogs. For catering events or parties, please enquire about our other food options.


Do you offer dessert?

We offer smores' nados, which is our signature dessert. It features a crescent roll double dipped in graham cracker crumbs, filled with German chocolate and marshmallow, deep-fried and drizzled with chocolate and marshmallow.


Do you cater weddings or parties?

Absolutely. The minimum charge is $750. If you’re interested, please contact bestfrenchfries@gmail.com

Do you have any specials?

We occasionally run specials on Foursquare. Be sure to check in using the Foursquare app (or visit foursquare.com/bestfrenchfries).


What’s our favorite dipping sauce?

It depends. Most of our sauces are homemade such as our creamy garlic cilantro, honey mustard, garlic butter parmesan, sweet-n-spicy, spicy horseradish, sriracha sour cream and more.

It depends on your tastebuds. Our dipping sauces vary from sweet to spicy and everything in between. Free samples are available upon request. Just ask your server.


Are your dipping sauces available for purchase?

You can choose two dipping sauces with your order of fries. Additional dipping sauces are available at $0.50 each in a 1.25 ounce cup.

Retail sauces coming in the future.


Can you pour the dipping sauces on my fries?

Absolutely. Just tell the server, and we’ll gladly pour it on for you.


Can you make my fries to go?

Our cones are designed for people on the go, but we can place an order in a bag to go upon request.


Do you have any healthy items on your menu?

Fresh potatoes contain a lot of nutritional value. They’re rich in vitamin C, and a good source of B vitamins, helping the body make healthy red blood cells and amino acids.

Potatoes are also rich in potassium. They’re cooked with the potato skin on. The natural fiber in the skins contains vitamins, minerals and great flavor.


Do any of your menu items contain peanut products?

No. All of our fries (except baked) are cooked in 100% pure corn oil. We do not use any products that contain peanuts. Our peanut butter dipping sauce has been discontinued.


What beverages do you sell?

We offer a selection of Coke and Pepsi products, water and juice.


Do you have a regular route?

No. We do private and food truck events. Check our schedule at www.bestfrenchfries.com/schedule for the latest appearances.


Do you accept credit cards?

Absolutely. We take all major credit cards.


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